Listing top 5 best customized bikes around the globe. Customized bikes are hand crafted bikes or bikes which are manipulated in design and engine configuration after purchase. These customized bikes may be designed by the Company or individuals. The list includes various design style bikes including Chopper, Cruise, Sports etc.

5.Black Beauty from Roland Sands
Black Beauty from Roland Sands

Black Beauty is designed and manufactured by Roland Sands, who won AMA National Champion Racer in 1998. After retirement, he is customizing bikes and since then, he made several bikes. If we talk about Black Beauty, then it has Engine HD 95CI which produces power of 90 BHP. It is a Core Chopper with great speed and control. Bike is light weighted due to tubular steel to form chassis.

4.Snatch from Satya Kraus

Snatch from Satya Kraus

The second place in this list goes to Snatch from Satya Kraus. Snatch is purely hand crafted bike made by Kraus Motor Company. The Model was assembled after the order confirmation, as it requires around 6 months to deliver, after the order. Engine of bike is Shovelhead/Evo which produces power of 100 BHP, cost around $ 84000 (5200000 INR).

3.Gypsy Soul from Headbanger

Gypsy Soul from Headbanger

Italian Motorcycle maker Headbanger’s Gypsy Soul is a bike with wildest look and Engine of 1500 CC. Gypsy Soul comes with Air Cooled engine having 6 speed transmission gear box. Headbanger is Italian Motorcycle Company which is popular for its customized bikes. If we talk about the price of bike then it costs around 28,200 USD (around 1800000 INR).

2.Harrier from Stellan Egeland

Harrier from Stellan Egeland

Stellan Egeland had customized the bike BMW Harrier. Stellan Egeland is Swedish motorcycle builder, who owned a company named SE Services; He’s expertise in customizing bikes. It requires about 5 months for construction after ordering the bike. The bike, which is customized for Harrier, is BMW Harrier. The engine produces power of 130 BHP and ISR custom brakes are used for efficient braking system.

1.Proto Slug from Fred Durban

Proto Slug from Fred Durban

Proto Slug is hand crafted and Customized by Fred Durban. It has 2,200 CC engine which produces power upto 130 BHP. Fred Durban owned a company which deals with the customization of bikes. Bike costs around 73,044 US dollars which is around 45,00,000 INR. Chassis of Proto Slug is made from Tubular steel which makes it light and good in control.

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