What makes a city popular? While there can be many answers to this, there is one thing that is a universal truth.

Art and culture are two things that make a city stand out from the rest. Most of the cities across the globe are home to beautiful, ancient and modern works of art.

Be it monuments built by the ancestors or sculptures made by the modern people. Art is something that attracts the attention of all. Well, mostly! What we sometimes fail to notice is that most of the unique and amazing sculptures can be found in secret streets and not explored a lot by the tourists and locals.

These awe-inspiring sculptures reveal the creative capacity of the human kind.

From Singapore to Switzerland, New York to India, here’s a list of 24 such masterpieces that will leave you inspired. Check them out below:

#1 Jatayu Park, Kerala, India


#2 Pillars Of Asoka, Bihar, India
#3 Doll structure, Vizag, India
#4 Triumph Of Labor, Chennai, India
#5 Mihai Eminescu, Onesti, Romania