Skype is a popular voice and video calling app available for various platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc. The most important thing is you can also use various features of Skype on almost all version of Skype. Although, you can find some differences between Windows version and other mobile versions, but most of the features are same. If you are subscribed to calls, you can also use it like a mobile call. Otherwise, internet is required for voice and video calling through Skype. In simple words, Skype is probably the best and most stable chatting apps.

Suppose, you are in a group chat and you want to record skype calls. Generally, Skype doesn’t let users record calls of Skype. That simply means, you will have to download a third party app to record Skype calls. If you are using Windows, this is even easier. Skype Auto Recorder is a simple and very easy to use Windows freeware that will let you record Skype call on Windows.


Record Skype Calls on Windows

As mentioned before, this is very to do all the things that is mentioned above with the help of the free tool. Therefore, to make use of this tool, you will certainly need the standalone Skype app on your Windows. Otherwise, you cannot make and record calls. Now, if you have the Skype app, you can download and install Skype Auto Recorder from the official website.

Following that, you can find an icon in your system tray. You can find three different colors.

Grey: It means Skype is not installed or it is not available right now.

Normal: Everything is fine and it is waiting for connection.

Red: It means Skype Auto Recorder is recording your call.

Setup and Use Skype Auto Recorder

This is very easy to setup and use Skype Auto Recorder on your Windows machine. At first, download and install this tool and Skype. Following that, right click on that button that is placed in your system tray and go to Settings. You will get a window like this,

Record Skype Calls on Windows

Now, you can select the option called record unfiltered conversations. As this is an auto recorder, you can easily exclude contacts from recording your calls. To exclude that, you will have to enter the username(s) with comma – if you want to exclude more than one contact.

That’s all! Just give this tool a try and know all the exception features of Skype Auto Recorder.


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