Sometime in the next five years, there will be a movie made about a Major League baseball player, who walked away from the game and a $13 million contract in a disagreement with an executive, then went out and tried to rescue sex slaves in Southeast Asia.

If a Hollywood writer pitched that story, I think some would think that’s too wild an idea, even for Hollywood. Maybe not. But it is a true story and too good for those in LaLa Land to pass up.


Like many White Sox fans, I was not thrilled about Adam LaRoche’s baseball performance on the Southside. But as a man, a father, someone who sincerely cares about kids, you will have to show me someone better. Someone who backs up his beliefs. Someone who takes action. Someone who is literally putting his life on the line to try and help others. There’s a lot of talkers out there. This man is putting his money and actions behind his beliefs. There are many others, who are non-celebrities, making the same commitment to Exodus Road and other groups. It’s commendable to say the least.


As Hopkins reports:
“The Exodus Road, which worked with LaRoche, and similar groups say they are acting where authorities, governments and foreign nationals do not. These organizations, many of them faith-based U.S. charities with stellar marks from charity watchdogs, say their work has rescued thousands of victims and prompted scores of arrests.



“LaRoche, who has been outspoken about his Christian faith, later told ESPN that his priorities were reshaped in part by a 10-day mission organized by Exodus Road. Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Blaine Boyer, who accompanied LaRoche in Asia, has said both men are donors and plan to go undercover again.”

A Major League ballplayer, a celebrity athlete playing in front of thousands of cheering fans, walks away from a great lifestyle and big money to help young women, children in many cases, who are used and abused. Who does that? Adam LaRoche does that. He’s living his faith.

It’s dangerous and now his celebrity is shedding a light on this criminal practice, so you have to wonder if LaRoche and Boyer have now set themselves up as targets. Hopefully they will take measures to protect themselves.And when Hollywood or CBS 60 Minutes throws a larger spotlight on this, it will be due to LaRoche and Boyer’s commitment to help. It won’t end it. But it will curb it as The Exodus Road and other groups work to set these freed young women and children on a free path. That may be the most challenging part of this entire situation, trying to set them up for life after slavery.


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