We love tees because they have so many rooms for creativity in terms of design. As designers who always strive to maintain originality and uniqueness, we are sucker for creative stuff, that includes what we put on.

Here’s a collection of creative t-shirts you can buy and add to your wardrobe this holiday season. Full list after jump.

#1: Love meter

During your normal activities two and a half pixelated hearts will light up on your shirt. But get within hugging distance of your significant other wearing the matching shirt and suddenly the hearts on both of your shirts start to light up until you’re fully powered up.

8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt

#2: Equalizer T-Shirts

Geeky T-shirts aren’t exactly new, but put in some electronics, a few AA batteries, turn down the lights and you can actually have an equalizer dancing on your chest, reacting to the sounds around you.

Interactive Shirts

T-shirts like these are cheap to come by as they do not need high tech wizardry, just an electronic board that you have to remove before hand washing these T-shirts.

#3 : Mini Guitar


Another kind of interactive shirt is one that makes sound – the electronic drum kit shirt has 7 spots that generate sounds when you push down on them. Now, its so simple to impress a girl.All you need is do some playing on your Guitar shirt.

#4 : Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

You can display the current wi-fi signal strength to yourself and everyone around you with this stylish Wi-Fi Detector Shirt. The glowing bars on the front of the shirt dynamically change as the surrounding wi-fi signal strength fluctuates.

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

#5: Transformers Light Up Flashing T-Shirt

Whoever you go with, you will love these t-shirts, they actually light up! The bright logo is sure to attract the right sort of attention and will look stunning at the cinema, at parties, or out clubbing.

transformer Light Up Flashing T-Shirt

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