Martial arts instructor Faisal Mian opened the school in Finsbury Park to train budding Jedis.

The Silver Sabres Combat Academy in Finsbury Park, North London may look like an ordinary building from the outside, but within the unassuming exterior the ways of The Force are being embraced by a new generation of eager new Jedis.

Martial arts expert and Star Wars nut Faisal Mian decided to open the school, which combines typical fencing skills with LED light sabres, after realising that the weapon was an ideal training tool for young children.

“These sabres help the children focus because they light up the imagination as well as the blades. The parents were as interested as the children were and so we offered adult classes too. This was before we knew about the new film and we thought we’d go with it and we’ve now managed to produce a martial art that reflects the well-known science fiction movies,” he explained.


And the kids are invited to go full geek with their training attire as they learn the ins and outs of fencing basics, too.

“Some of the kids come in dressed as Darth Vader and we encourage people to have a laugh and enjoy themselves. We are a professional martial arts club with an inclination for dramatic theater. The kids all want to see these twirls and spins and we award additional points for dramatic effort, fencing isn’t always the best of spectator sports and so we’re trying to give the audience something exciting to watch.”

The Jedi training school has become a smash hit with local children and adult Star Wars fans alike, who are all keen to pick up a sabre and master the classic techniques with an added bit of fantasy flair.

“Since we started the LED sabre lessons we’ve been inundated with members which is great because it means these traditional arts are again part of popular culture through these amazing stories.”

Grab your homemade cross guard and we’ll meet you there in 20.

credits: Kirsten Howard

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